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The Orbit Plus

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Exceptionally Reliable Isolation Tanks

Designed and built to provide exceptional reliability from the operator’s viewpoint, an incredible user experience, our saltwater isolation tanks feature easy maintenance, fast self-cleaning, low-power night mode, and automatic dosing.

The Most Hygienic Float Therapy Chambers

Hygiene is a crucial consideration for both operators and users, which is why the solution in each Orbit passes through a 1-micron filter (1/75th of a human hair), between every float. This filter ensures even the smallest of skin particles and pollutants are removed, resulting in crystal clear solution for every user.

The Most Relaxing Float Tanks On The Market

Both models also feature programmable lighting, high-quality audio, the ability to control multiple Orbits from one device, a non-drip interior, passive ventilation, room light control and, thanks to its enclosed design, reduced heat loss.

Advanced Floatation Therapy

The advanced Plus model additionally delivers round-the-clock monitoring, multiple high-accuracy temperature control, hydrogen peroxide monitoring, specific gravity sensor, pH level checking, bag filter feedback and UV lamp life monitoring. It also boasts Smart Dosing, Autostart and Data Logging.

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Learn more about our Zero and Plus models and discover why Orbit leads the market in sensory deprivation chambers, providing a deeply relaxing yet invigorating experience for floatation spa customers and sportsmen and women.

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