The BEST float

is an ORBIT float

Empties & refills between EVERY user

Filters & sanitises

ALL of the solution

Simple & EASY to use

Control Software

Floating Inside a Orbit Float Tank

Who uses ORBIT float tanks?


User experience, Additional revenue, Destress and relax, Market differentiation, Easy to operate, Low staffing needs, Low running costs, Highly reliable


Proven heath benefits, Stress relief, Reduced staff illness, Improved creativity, Relaxation benefits, Improved performance, Low running costs, Easy to operate


Best user experience, Increased revenue, Low running costs, Advanced technology, Simple to operate, High-quality audio, Easy installation,Remote support


Improved performance, Stress relief, Relaxation, Improve mental health, Joint/muscle recovery,
Aid visualization, Cognitive performance, Scientifically proven


Unique product, Health benefits, Innovative design, Advanced technology, Proven benefits, Low running costs, Simple to operate, Responsive support


Why choose ORBIT?

Floating in an Orbit pod for an hour is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences you can have. The best description we have heard is that you come out of the session "feeling as though you have had the best ten hours sleep of your life”.

Studies have shown that, after a float session, levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) are reduced whilst dopamine levels and those of other natural feel-good hormones increase.

Easy Entry into the Orbit Float Tank

ORBIT Features

Auto-dosing Hydrogen peroxide system

Orbits Pump system controls all functions of the Orbit pod in one compact unit. Its High-performance pump allows the unit and reservoir tanks to be located away from the tank in separate plants rooms.

The Orbit Pump Unit includes two Absolute 1-Micron Filter with a Long life and that's easy to change. A High-performance photo-catalytic UV steriliser to ensure all the solution filtered and sterilised both before and after each float

Food grade reservoir tanks store the solution when not in use which means reduced heat loss and No evaporation. The solution is maintained at temperature and treated regularly

Orbits Low entry threshold allows for easy step-in access (even for restricted mobility) and includes a Non-slip floor

Orbit is made from a High quality advanced composite moulding and is designed for easy installation and long life. It includes an easy to clean profile, Lighting system around the base to indicate operating status and Passive Ventilation System ensures low humidity.

Orbits Power-assisted and manual door system allows for Easy operation by Fully retracting allowing the user to stand upright with a full clearance for installation of lift/hoist above

Want to see more?

Check out the gallery for detailed images and pods in use.

Have more questions?

Details of Orbit features, installation and operation.

Got an enquiry?

​Get in touch with any queries or to try the Orbit float experience for yourself.

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