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Here you’ll find news articles and blogs focussed on floatation therapy, new sensory deprivation tank spa locations around the world, and insights into how floatation therapy is helping to reduce stress on the mind and body and to remedy a variety of physical ailments.

Danielle Tobin – Floatation Therapy with Float UK

Danielle came to visit Float UK and float in the Orbit Float tanks. She had an amazing experience and she kindly wrote this great blog post about her time floating with us. Original Link - You can...

NEWS ARTICLE: Reset Float Therapy

Reset Float Therapy relieves, relaxes and clears minds

NEWS ARTICLE: I Tired Floating

I Tried Floating in a Giant Sensory Deprivation Tank, and It Changed My Life

Introducting ‘Orbit’

Founded in January 2015, our team recognised a need in the market for a more reliable, dependable & advanced product and so came ‘Orbit’. ‘Orbit’ is unique; designed from the ground up after 2 years of extensive market and technical research into the latest...

What benefits can you expect from float therapy?

When was the last time you took time out and just stood still? Are you feeling stressed? Have aches or pains? Or just want to escape reality for an hour? At a time when work, endless emails and a million distractions fight for our attention, the idea of taking time...

So, What does Science Say?

It’s not enough for us to tell you how great floating is, so what does science say about floating? The following theories are taken from ‘The Book of Floating - Exploring the Private Sea’: Anti-gravity theory – the buoyancy provided by the dense Epsom salt solution...

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