Financial Opportunity

Income that could be earned with your Orbit

A well run Float centre can generally charge between 40 and 60 Pounds/Dollars/Euros for a 60 minute float. That is 60 minutes actually in the float tank. Allowing for a short period before and after the float to change and shower, this means that up to 8 sessions can be sold in a 12 hour day.

The calculator below can be used to estimate how much can be earned for different options such as different numbers of Orbits, length of day, occupancy, price and length of each float, etc..

Number of Days Per Week

Many Float centres are open 7 days per week but some only open 4 or 5 depending on where they are located and the wishes of the owners. Before customers learn about a new centre being open it may be worth only opening a few days but being full on those days. This option allows you to look at various scenarios.

Number of Hours Open Per Day

Most Float centres open between 10 and 12 hours per day, and some open 24 hrs per day. This allows you to run different scenarios for opening times.


When a float centre first opens the occupancy can be low depending on the amount of active marketing that has taken place before the centre opened. Some centres have opened with occupancy rates in excess of 50% within the first few weeks with good pre-opening marketing. A well run and actively marketed commercial float centre in a reasonable location can expect to achieve an occupancy rate of around 60% to 80% relatively quickly. Generally the maximum occupancy rate that can be as high as 90%+ once the centre is established and known about. When rates above 80% are seen consistently it is often the time to consider opening a second centre..

Average Number of Floats Per Week

The figure shown here is a result field based on the previously selected values. The most popular float sessions tend to be 60 minute sessions. In order to allow for preparation of the room, time for the customer to have a shower before and after their float and time to clean the room afterwards it is wise to allow 90 minutes for each average session. This means that in a 12 hour day between at least 8 sessions can be sold. This is the figure used for this calculation.

Price Per Float

In the UK most 60 minute float session ranges from £40 to £60. In the USA similar sessions range from $50 to $75. Many centres offer discounts for multiple bookings and also membership packages. The running cots of the orbit is low due to the fact that the solution is not kept in the float tanks so there is less heat lost and less damage from humidity. The high quality guaranteed 100% filtration and sanitation also help reducing maintenance and operating times and costs. With such low operating costs means that with only a couple of customers a day using the tank it is possible to cover the cost of the Orbit Flat tank and yield up to 100% return on the investment within 12 months

How Can Orbit Help Further

In addition to manufacturing the Orbit we also run our own float centre. We have been in the industry of over 10 years and as a result have gained a considerable level of expertise and knowledge. We are more than happy to assist Orbit customers with advice ranging from designing their float centre through to operating their Orbits.
We can offer advice on all aspects of operating a successful float centre. We can offer training at our centre float centre and are happy to share our experiences in relation to how you can marketing your centre as well as offering advice on constructions and sound proofing etc. All you have to do is ask and if we can help we will.
Our technical helpline is available to all our Orbit customers and is accessible both by phone, WhatsApp and email for your convenience and peace of mind.

Please note these calculations are for guidance only and does not take into account such things as rent, service and capital charges, utility costs etc.

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