What Are the Benefits of Floatation Therapy?

Floating or floatation therapy is a one-of-a-kind experience whereby you float effortlessly in 25cm of water that is saturated with 525kg of magnesium-rich Epsom-salts.

Float Environment

An environment similar to that of the Dead Sea, but without the sensation of temperature or movement, which lets you float on the surface of the solution while enjoying a feeling of total freedom and complete weightlessness!

Orbit tanks are specifically designed to block out all external distractions, be they visual, audio, olfactory or tactile. The result is often a long-lasting and transformational experience.


Sensory Deprivation Therapy: What Does It Do?

Saltwater floatation therapy – or a session in a sensory deprivation tank – has many benefits, both physical and mental, because the floatation experience produces an unmatched level of deep relaxation.

In a floatation tank, external stimuli are removed, which reduces the workload of the central nervous system by up to as much as 90%. This means that the body can use this energy internally, gently pushing the mind and body into a deeply relaxed state.

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt, named after a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate.

Renowned as a natural remedy for a number of ailments, Epsom salt has numerous health benefits as well as many beauty, household and gardening-related applications.

Want to Try an Orbit?​

Orbit manufactures market-leading floatation tanks for customers across the UK and worldwide. If you are interested in trying out floatation therapy then why not visit our float centre located north of London, just outside of Stevenage.


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