The Orbit Plus

Our Advanced Model

  • All standard features of the Orbit Zero, plus….
  • Long float heating system
  • Smart dosing
  • Filter life monitoring
  • H202 auto monitoring
  • pH level monitoring
  • Specific gravity readings
  • …and more


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Fills & Empties

Every customer can relax, secure in the knowledge that their solution has been thoroughly cleaned and filtered – for them alone.



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Complete Solution Processing

Every time the Orbit Zero float tank is filled and emptied, the solution is filtered by an advanced system, ensuring your customers are immersed in a crystal-clear solution.

Advanced Monitoring

The Orbit’s smart system monitors and tracks the performance of your sensory deprivation tank 24 hours a day, making day-to-day turnarounds quicker and easier.


Multiple high accuracy temperature sensors ensure your Orbit is maintained at the perfect temperature.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Precision H202 sensors and microprocessors monitor the hydrogen peroxide PPM, ensuring it is maintained at a healthy level.

Specific Gravity

The Orbit Plus is the only isolation tank to feature a dedicated Specific Gravity sensor, removing the need for time-consuming manual tests.

pH Levels

The pH level is automatically checked and displayed on Orbit Plus’ high-tech control software. 

Filter Changes

Feedback is provided on the status of your bag filters, informing you when they need to be changed.

UV Bulb Life

The life of your UV lamp is constantly checked, notifying you if it needs changing.


Orbit Plus looks after key functions, so you don’t have to.

Smart Dosing

The smart dosing system is designed to only dose when it is required, saving you supplies, time and money.


This high-tech feature automatically starts the float when the user enters the tank (optional).

Automatic Logging

The automatic logging system monitors performance and readings of your tank on a continuous basis.

User-Friendly Software

The Orbit Plus’ control software streamlines the day-to-day operating and maintenance of your therapy tank so that you can provide even better customer service.

Self Cleaning Surface

Swifter cleaning between float sessions means less wasted time so that you can maximise daily floats.

Low Power Night Mode

This mode saves you energy and money by turning off unnecessary tasks between your closing and opening times.

Automatic Dosing

Dose your float tank with a click of a button – direct from reception. The Orbit Plus’ high-spec dosing pump lets you dose H202 at varying amounts, or set up regular dosing.


Remote After-Sales Support

Expect exceptional support long after your tank is installed: Our remote support can diagnose and help maintain your Orbit – no matter where the tank is located.

1-Micron Filtration

The Orbit Plus’ solution is cleaned with a 1-micron filter (1/75th of a human hair) between floats, catching even the tiniest of skin particles and pollutants for a crystal-clear solution – with every session.

Complete Starter Kit

The Complete Starter Kit includes everything required to get your Orbit Plus up and running, so you’ll be welcoming your very first floatation therapy customer in no time.

Programmable Lighting Effects

Many Orbit Plus programmable lighting effects are inspired by nature – helping customers ease into their float therapy session – and to relax completely.

Extreme High-Quality Audio

Crystal clear sound is delivered through high-end transducers built into the structure of the Orbit. The incredible audio adds to the pleasure and enjoyment of each customer.

Single Control for Multiple Orbits

From a single device, you can control and maintain all of the Orbits in your centre, making day-to-day operations efficient and straightforward.

Non-Drip Curved Design

The Orbit Zero’s organic curvature helps prevent any condensation build-up, eliminating the possibility of dripping.


Air can flow through the therapy tank without a loss of heat, thanks to the built-in passive ventilation system.

Room Light Control

Lights can be turned off automatically when a floatation session is underway, eliminating the need for unreliable sensors.

Reduced Heat Loss

AAs the solution is stored in reservoir tanks when not in use, heat loss is minimised compared to an open tank, saving both energy and money.


Orbits optimised shape allows a large internal float area while maintaining a small external footprint.

Room Design

The team at Orbit can help assist with the design and layout of your float room. We recommend a float room of 14’ (4.2m) by 14’ (4.2m).

Also available in Zero Model


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