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Lower Blood pressure during Floatation Sessions

Flotation Therapy & Blood Pressure

Around a third of all adults suffer with high blood pressure. There is a very high chance that you know someone who suffers from it. If blood pressure isn’t treated it can lead to further serious health problems. There are a wide range of different treatments to help control and lower your blood pressure. One of which is Flotation Therapy, which involves floating in a warm bath filled with Epsom salts that have an abundance of health benefits.

Remove All Contact Pressure

Lying on a bed may seem comfortable however, you still have the contact pressure present which is your body against the bed. Lying in water removes absolutely all points of contact pressure. The benefit this has is that it allows your blood vessels to fully relax and dilate which increases circulation and will start to lower your blood pressure.

Ease of entry into the Orbit Float Tank

Relax Your Muscles

The Magnesium Sulphate that is contained in the Epsom salts helps your body detox and helps to relax muscles around the body. This reduction in tension of the muscles around your body simultaneously allows blood to circulate easier. In turn this increase in blood flow will help lower your blood pressure.

Feel Happier

The Epsom salts used in Flotation Therapy are absorbed into your body and increase the production of a chemical called ‘Dopamine’. This is referred to commonly as the happy hormone that we reward ourselves with. The happier you feel as a person the more your body will start to relax, de-stress and your blood pressure will decrease.

Easier Breathing

Allowing your body to float not only reduces contact pressure but also almost puts your body in a state of equilibrium. The combination of these factors will allow your body to relax. This will then allow your breathing to become a lot more controlled and slow down. This is the best breathing rhythm for your body as not only does it lower your blood pressure but can help you to destress.

Escape Reality in the Orbit Float Tank

Enter a State Of Calm

Flotation Therapy is usually accompanied with relaxing soothing music. This can help transition your body into a calm state. Once you enter that state of calm your body will again start to relax and your blood pressure will drop.

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