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Easy ways to beat burnout

Flotation Therapy and Burnout

You’ll reach a stage of being ‘burned out’ when you’ve been under a constant amount of stress and demands. Over time your body and mind can only put up with so much of this stress and once that threshold is passed, you can feel yourself starting to feel drained emotionally and physically and you may also start to feel that you are unable to meet any expectations that you would usually be able to meet. Nearly every single one of us at one point in our lives will experience burnout. Some of us may experience it more than once.

However, there are treatments to help alleviate the symptoms of burnout and to aid positive recovery.

Float Effortlessly in the Orbit Float Tank

The Magic of Magnesium

Flotation Therapy involves bathing in a bath of Epsom salts and warm water. Inside Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulphate. One of its effects on your body is that it increases the levels of dopamine. This is a reward type hormone that can make you feel happier and more relaxed. This period of relaxation whilst experiencing flotation therapy can help with the alleviation of stress. The Magnesium Sulphate also acts as an anti-inflammatory should any areas of your body have become swollen through the stages of the burnout.

The Perfect Rest

Suffering from burnout can also show in the form of physical symptoms such as feeling tired, drained and unmotivated. In addition to this a lack of sleep or a change in appetite can also affect your immunity. Epsom salts are perfect for helping your body to detox and rest as well as helping with your blood circulation. Floating as opposed to lying down on a bed also means there is no contact pressure so your body will be fully at rest allowing all of your muscles and bones to release the tension and stresses.

Feel the Benefits of Floating in the Orbit

Feel accomplished

The emotional side effects of burnout can lead you to a lack of a sense of accomplishment or any motivation to try. The dopamine levels in your body increased through the use of Epsom salts in flotation therapy act as a reward mechanism and provide you with a sense of accomplishment which can boost self-confidence, massively improving your mental health overall. This positive mental state is where you want to be to avoid further deterioration from burnout.

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