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Reduce Stress

Two or more sessions of floatation therapy can be effective in treating high-stress levels.

Float Effortlessly in the Orbit Float Tank

Nobody is immune to the effects of stress. Some people, however, get more stressed and more often than others. Stress levels can actually be measured in the body through a chemical called cortisol. Prolonged periods of high cortisol levels and stress can have adverse and detrimental effects on both your mental and physical health. And although stress can’t be avoided it can, however, be effectively managed. There is a wide range of different treatments for lowering and regulating your stress levels. One such treatment is floatation therapy. It involves floating in a bath of warm water and Epsom salt for a period of time. You can attend as many sessions as you want with the minimum amount we advise being at least a couple of times each week to start feeling the full benefits of stress relief.

Shut off from the world

Floatation therapy is an effective form of treatment of stress due to sensory deprivation. A lot of the time in life when high-stress levels are experienced, it is due to external factors. During floatation therapy, all of your senses are deprived including touch. This takes any burden of responsibility and overthinking out of the equation. It allows the mind to completely shut off from the outside world. This has been proven to be effective in lowering the cortisol and stress levels in the body.

Ease of entry into the Orbit Float Tank

Let your body rest

When a person is stressed this has knock on effects on the body. For example, when you are stressed your blood pressure levels tend to rise as well as your heart rate. This can put a strain on your heart and can lead to further issues if happening constantly for prolonged periods. However, floatation therapy allows your body in itself to actually relax fully. All contacted pressure is removed. Without the force of gravity pushing down on your body all of your muscles that were tense beforehand can fully ease. This then allows your blood to circulate more effectively, bringing down your blood pressure levels and heart rate which in turn will relieve or lower stress.

Pain as the instigator

Another reason that people can become stressed and have constantly high-stress levels is due to experiencing pain. When you feel pain, no matter how mild, this will lead to increased stress levels. Whilst flotation therapy is not a cure for sources of pain if someone is suffering from back pain for example floatation therapy with the absence of gravity means that your back is relieved of any pressure and your spine can begin to go back to its original shape thus alleviating/minimising the pain. Relief from pain equals relief from the stress related to it.

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