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Floatation Therapy for PTSD.

Floatation Therapy and PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD for short is a mental health condition diagnosed by doctors. It can be brought on for any number of reasons but always revolves around a particularly traumatic moment in somebody’s life. Those who suffer from PTSD will suffer from it from anywhere from a few weeks to their whole lives. There is no way of going back and avoiding the event that caused it but there are ways of treating PTSD. Flotation Therapy which involves floating in a tank of warm water and Epsom salt has proven to be an effective method of treating PTSD. You will only start to really feel the effectiveness of this specific form of treatment if you’re committed to attending a couple of float sessions each week as this is scientifically proven to be the minimum requirement to gain the many benefits.

A Stress Reliever

PTSD inherently is a stress disorder. It causes unnatural and excessive levels of stress to those who suffer from it. Fortunately, one of the benefits of flotation therapy is that it can reduce the stress levels in the body. This is achieved through a number of ways including sensory deprivation which means taking all of the external distractions and influences out of the equation and allowing the person to simply focus on themselves. The Magnesium Sulphate in the Epsom salt also simultaneously allows your body to produce more dopamine (the happiness chemical) allowing you to feel both destressed and rewarded.

Getting Some Much Needed Rest

One of the areas in life that PTSD can affect is your sleep. It’s not uncommon for suffers to have flashbacks and disturbances in their sleep. Floatation Therapy can help by pushing your body towards an internal balance. By regulating chemicals in your body such as cortisol, reducing stress levels, blood pressure and anxiety levels, your body is preparing itself for a relaxed session of sleep as opposed to taking this burden of issues to bed with you and dealing with them in a different manner later on.

Get Away From It All

When dealing with PTSD external influences and distractions can sometimes exacerbate the condition. The best way of dealing with this is to focus solely on yourself. But it can sometimes be hard to shut off areas of your brain. During Floatation Therapy many parts of your brain that constitute a significant part of your cerebral cortex including vision, hearing, touch and speaking are all shut off so that you can isolate yourself from any distractions and relax allowing for the stress levels to be decreased that are normally associated with the effects of PTSD.

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