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Improving your sleep with Flotation

Floatation therapy and sleep

It’s estimated that over a third of us at some point in our lives suffer from a sleep-related issue. This could be insomnia, sleep disturbances, sleep paralysis, nightmares or much more. It can be frustrating living with one of these conditions preventing you from getting an adequate amount of rest. This then has a knock-on effect leaving you depleted of energy with an ever-increasing level of fatigue. If you are one of these people who suffer from sleep-related disorders don’t worry there are methods of treatment. Floatation therapy, in particular, has been proven to be effective to help treat and sometimes alleviate these issues. Research into the effectiveness of this therapy has highlighted the need to attend at least a couple of sessions every week to gain the full benefits in combatting sleep disorders.

Stress levels

Studies have shown that if there are any disruptions to our sleeping patterns or any shortfalls in the amount of sleep we get this can lead to increased stress levels. This in turns makes the situation worse as it has affected the equilibrium of your body. And when you attempt to go sleep this imbalance will make it hard for your brain just to switch off. Floatation therapy, however, blocks out any distractions allowing your brain to relax and switch off. This isolation from any external influences will gradually lower your stress levels, rest your body and prepare it for a more fluid sleeping experience.

The Orbit Floatation Tank

Imitating sleep

Floatation therapy in itself in many ways replicates the conditions in which you sometimes fall asleep. Not only it is quiet without any sounds to disturb or wake you but the feeling of weightlessness also relieves the physical burden and stress that gravity would usually be providing. Combine this with the Magnesium Sulphate in the Epsom salt and it is said that these are the perfect conditions for falling asleep. In fact when floating, participants in the therapy do actually fall asleep from time to time due to the relaxed state that they’re in.

The Orbit Float Tank

Sensory deprivation

Any external stimulations or distractions are cut off when taking part in floatation therapy. This includes the sense of touch. Any contact pressure is taken out of the equation due to the lack of gravity. This total sensory disconnection allows for the brain to be isolated from any external activity meaning that an inner equilibrium can be achieved and body and mind balance. The true benefit of this inner balance is then felt when attempting to go to sleep at the usual time under normal circumstances.

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