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My Orbit isn't filling or emptying

Is the Control software responsive? - If yes, is the pump initialising? If no, please go to the Control PC area of the Troubleshooting. If the pump is initialising, is the colour on the Orbit Halo changing to Green or Red? If yes, then the pump could be struggling to prime, which means there is excess air in the system that needs to be bled from the Filter Housings (shown in the operators manual). If the pump is not initialising, the system may be unresponsive and require a reboot.

My Skimmer Mode does not operate as expected, what do I do?

The Skimmer mode on the Orbit is calibrated at installation once the system is at all optimum levels of Solution Height (in the Orbit) and correct Specific Gravity (SG) (salt content). First, ensure that all these levels are correct as per the Orbit Operators Manual. If your levels are correct but your skimmer mode still isn't operating correctly, the times need to be adjusted according. This includes a larger fill time (and equally larger empty time - top empty the tank at the end of the skimmer cycle).

During a float there was no light or sound

Ensure the correct criteria was selected before starting the float. Please note that lighting and music criteria cannot be changed during the float. Use the '660 Second' float option to test the lighting and speakers. If this problem is not resolved from a test float, Reboot the system. If the fault is still present after a reboot, contact our support team.

I tried to add Salt but my Orbit isn't emptying

If the salt has built in the return pipes back to the Pump, we advise running a Skimmer Mode which will circulate the solution between the Pump and the Orbit. This should clear the blockage. If not, please contact our support team.

My Orbit is in a Standby Mode but isn't heating

The Heater Unit located in the pump has a thermal cut-out built into it. This may have tripped and requires a reset. On the heater unit is a button that must be pressed to reset. Also, another thing to check is the Orbit MCB located on the wall. Are all switches still in the on position? If the Heater Relay switched is off, turn back on but only when the solution is flowing in a standby mode and the system is running. If the switch turns back off immediately, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN BACK. Report this issue to our support team.

There's Hair Dye on the inside of my Orbit, What do I do?

Empty the Orbit Fully, Close the rear Ball Valves to isolate the pod. Spray affected area with diluted bleach and let sit for 1 hour. Spray affected area again, then rinse off with water and drain down the Orbit via the rear Drain Down Tap. DO NOT MIX with Orbit Solution. Re-Open Ball valves at the rear of the pod and resume use of the tank.

The Light / Attendant Call Button inside my Orbit Isn't working

When operating the Light / Attendant Call Button you should hear a faint click at the rear of the pod. This ensures that the software is registering the button input. If there is no click there is an air leak from the button to input device. Remove the black airline, inspect for damage or debris, then replace back into the fittings of the Button and Electrical Box. Please Note: This is completely safe and uses air pressure to register the input, there is no liquid or electrics involved in its operation making it completely safe to inspect. If the button does not operate after inspection, there may be damage to the button itself and will need to be replaced.


My Pump isn't running

It is normal for the pump to turn on and off during standby. If the Solution is at temperature then the system will stop running and leave the solution in the Reservoir Tanks. As soon as temperature drops below the tolerance set, the pump will turn back on to circulate and heat the solution. If the system isn't running at all, is there power? Check the Orbit MCB and only attempt to turn the system back on once. If the Breaker turns off immediately after attempting to turn them on, DO NOT try to turn them back on again. Report the issue to our support team.

There's a loud noise coming from the pump

The pump can make a large amount of noise when trying to prime if there is excessive air in the system. This air needs to be bled from the Filter Housings (shown in the Operators Manual). If debris has made it into the pump, we advise running three consecutive 660 second floats to try and pass the item. If the debris is not passed after the first two test floats, remove the blue foam filter blocks and try again. If the problem persists, please contact our support team.

How do I know if my UV Unit is working?

The UV Sterilisation unit located in the pump unit turns on at the same time the Heater Unit does - so when there is adequte flow for over 30 seconds. Either end of the UV Unit has Blue Caps that slightly illuminate when the UV is in operation. You can test whether or not the unit is working by turning off the lights in the room where the Pump is located and seeing the Blue Cap on top of the UV Unit slightly illuminate. If your UV Unit does not illuminate, you must first check the end caps for any Salt Debris. Then check the Connection between the UV Unit and the Control Panel (located in the Pump). If after completing these steps your UV Unit does not turn on. Please contact our support team.

Reservoir Tanks

My Reservoir Tanks have over-filled, what do I do?

First of all, address the salt debris! Best way to tackle this is a hot cloth and Wet Vac. If the reservoir tank is overfilled – past the max fill line - - when the system is running in “Standby” - there is a differential level between the two storage tanks which means one tank can overflow and then cause a leak.

If the system is overfilled it's possible to reduce the level by attaching a hose to the drain down tap at the rear of the Orbit or onto the reservoir tank. And lowering the level to the correct amount. It is best to put the system into STOP during this process.
Please note: if the system is overfilled it's important to make sure that the reservoir box (small box on top of the reservoir tanks). Has not got wet / filled with water. It would be worth taking the lid off and checking it is dry and clean as the salt in the solution can corrode the electronics inside the box quite quickly causing further issues.

Control PC

I can't log into my Control PC

Your Control PC password is logged in the printed copy of your Operators Manual you received upon installation. If you've misplaced password to the Control PC, it can be found in our latest Troubleshooting Guide. Alternatively, contact our support team.

My Control PC touchscreen isn't working

The monitor supplied is connected to the Control PC via a USB & HDMI Cable. The USB to USB connects the touchscreen availability. Check this cable first and alternatively reboot the Control PC. If the problem persists, contact our support team.

The Orbit Logo is Red on my Dashboard, what does this mean?

If the Orbit Logo (in the top left hand corner) has gone red, this means that the Orbit has dissconected from the Control PC Software. This could be a result of Power Loss to the Orbit or a Network Communication Error. If there is a power loss to the Orbit, check the Orbit MCB. Turn back on if required. Please note: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS MORE THAN ONCE: If the system trips at the MCB right after turning on the first time, there is an electrical fault that needs to be investigated further. Contact our support team. If there is a network communication error, check the CAT6 Cables that connect the Control PC to the Orbit Pump Unit. Check all Cables and plugs.

My Pod temperature is reading 236, Is this correct?

No, this means there is an internal communications error and the Orbit has lost connection to itself. We advise a reboot to reconnect the system.

The Dashboard is unresponsive, what do I do?

We suggest rebooting both the Control PC and also the Orbit System. If this problem persists, please contact our support team.


Door Mechanism

There is a squeaking noise when I operate the Lid

This could be due to a build up of salt or lack of lubircation on the mechanism. Please ensure the Door Mechansim at the rear of the pod is completely free of any salt. For safety, Isolate the door when behind the Orbit. Refer to our Door Mechanism Maintenance Guide for the correct lubrication locations.

There is a Loud, Rapid Snapping Noise when door is in motion

This means that the Door Mechanism belts has become untensioned. Please do not attempt to continue running the Lid in the event of this problem. The belts need to be re-tentioned, this can be found in our Door Mechansim Maintenance Guide.

The Lid is not closing at the end of its motion

This is as a result of a sensor stopping the door too early. Before attempting to fix this issue, please ensure that you are attempting to run the door from a fully open position. This is important for the Motor operation and allows the door to run to the end of it's travel. Please refer to our Door Mechanism Maintenance Guide to resolve this.

The Lid is off centre during and at the end of motion, doesn’t close correctly

This is a result of one side of the Door Mechanism moving further forward than another, we refer to this as 'crabbing'. Please refer to our Door Mechanism Maintenance Guide to resolve this.

There is a large gap at the front of the lid when in a closed position

This means that the tilt of the Lid needs to be adjusted accordingly in order to reduce the gap. Please refer to our Door Mechanism Maintenance Guide to resolve this.

The door operates to a close position but opens itself back up again automatically

This means that the Lid is falling off of the top Quadrant Sensor before reaching the end of it's travel, then bouncing back onto it which then tells the Lid it needs to open. This is either due to the Gas Strut Force or the Position of the Gas Strut. Please refer to our Door Mechanism Maintenance Guide to resolve this.

The Lid does not operate

Are the lights to the Orbit on (white on the inside base LED's & Blue around the Halo)? If yes, this means there is power to the Orbit but there may be a signal error. If no, please check the Orbit MCB at the wall to ensure the system has power. If there is a potential signal error, use the Door Mechanism Maintenance Guide to diagnose the error. If the Door Controller Unit is not receiving the signal from the Lid buttons, please contact our support team.

If you cannot find the information you require please feel free to submit a Support ticket